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From Hair to There

Queue Rod Serling:  You are about to enter another dimension.  A dimension not only of time and space, but of hair.  A journey into a wondrous land of strands.  You’ve just crossed over into… the Baldilocks Zone.  My apologies to those of you born after about 1970, for you are now wondering where the f you can … Continue reading

Footballs, Feasts and the Big Five-Oh

Dear Readers, I am writing to you today from a somewhat inverted position.  I am lying on the floor with my feet above my heart.  Due to several of my meds’ side effects, my feet have been blowing up beyond recognition and have become very painful to walk on, let alone fit into any shoes … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an Impatient Patient

Thanks to all of my supporters who are still helping me get through each day!  All the cards and messages bring a smile to my puffy face! So, this kinda blew me away:  WordPress recently named my blog one of the “Blogs of the Day,” which they describe as a blog that has gained the … Continue reading


HOPE – (Have Only Positive Expectations) Friday was the best day in a long time.  We drove up to City of Hope in Duarte, where my Newport team of docs decided I need to be at this point.  Didn’t really know where the hell Duarte was previously, but we now have the route memorized and … Continue reading