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What an Honor!

I was so honored to have Coach Lance Stewart and the Laguna Beach Varsity Girls Volleyball Team dedicate their post season to me!  I couldn’t believe it!  They added ‘JM’ to their jerseys and signs were distributed to the crowd.  I was so disappointed that I couldn’t attend and watch the matches, but Todd and … Continue reading

Hold Your Ho Ho Horses

Christmas came early for me this year!  I must have been a very good girl, because I got the best toy of all – a PICC line!  I know you’re all jealous as hell.  This device allows me to avoid the countless pokes my condition brings with it.  It’s a long-term port that has 2 … Continue reading

Transfusion Fun 101

Before I ever had a transfusion, I thought of them as scary, critical and dangerous.  I never EVER thought I would need one.  At this point, I’ve had 14 of them, and I now equate a transfusion to a chill sesh – relaxing in a lounge chair, reading, watching TV or a movie, and visiting … Continue reading