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50 Shades

Two years after my transplant and I was still dealing with some crap symptoms like bright red patches on my face and legs, the never-ending eye inflammation, wilted brain function and a nagging tummy shituation (if you know what I’m sayin’) that I’ve dealt with since the beginning.  I figured it was all due to the … Continue reading

Party On

To celebrate the upcoming 1 year mark since my transplant (December 14, 2013), and to honor my 2 biggest heroes – Todd, the world’s best caregiver, and Leason 4, the world’s greatest donor – my parents threw a shindig to thrash and trample all shindigs that have come before.  Due to my chemo brain (CBIART … Continue reading


My name is Joselyn and I’m addicted to reality tv. Here are some of my faves: THE REAL PATIENTS OF CITY OF HOPE: Starring the most outrageous patients who frequent City of Hope.  Watch as they get into some major cat fights over appointment times, designer masks, and who’s most popular with the doctors and … Continue reading


bad-ass-er-y  [bad-as-ur-ree] noun 1.  the art of behaving so exceptionally as to be mind blowing synonym:  ultra-coolery antonym:  douche baggery —————————————————————————————————————————- I have been surrounded by supreme badassery as of late and I want to share my good fortune with my dear readers 🙂 —————————————————————————————————————————- At last Saturday’s USC football game, the former Trojan volleyball … Continue reading

It’s True… (what they say about blondes)

It’s true.  What they say about blondes.  It’s definitely true.  It’s enormously more fun, even with having to surrender a few IQ points.  (I have already slid down the scale with my chemo brain, so it’s a win-win) 🙂 Danny, my expert hair director for the past 25 years, recently worked a little magic on … Continue reading

What Cide Effectz?

So, I’m staring at this ever-growing mass of pill bottles and ever-expanding list of procedures, and I’m starting to wonder about all of the combined potential side effects I may have the pleasure of experiencing due to all this sh*t I’m exposing my body to.  Don’t be alarmed, I won’t list all 2,361 here, just … Continue reading