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What Cide Effectz?

So, I’m staring at this ever-growing mass of pill bottles and ever-expanding list of procedures, and I’m starting to wonder about all of the combined potential side effects I may have the pleasure of experiencing due to all this sh*t I’m exposing my body to.  Don’t be alarmed, I won’t list all 2,361 here, just … Continue reading

Prednisone, Swearing, and the Olympics

Shulman’s Accessories are all the rage! Immediately following surgery, I started my Prednisone (steroid)  treatment in an attempt to get my muscles and blood counts to return to their former glory.  I continued seeing the docs on my team, averaging 2 appointments per day.  My platelets were still on a free fall, so I had … Continue reading

Sushi, Champagne, Platelets, and a Scalpel

I DON’T HAVE CANCER!!!  My bone marrow biopsy came back clear!  Special Japanese dinner with VERY special champagne brought by my parents to celebrate the good news. Dr. G (neurologist) suspected Eosinophilic Fasciitis, and he ordered a full muscle biopsy to confirm his suspicions, so I met with my surgeon, Dr. S2 to go over … Continue reading