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Bad Ass or Blows?

My Over-The-Top Loving Family – BAD ASS in the most awe-inspiring way Having 12 Doctors Working to Heal Me – BAD ASS in the most stellar way Waking Up to the Joys of the Newest Prednisone Side Effect:  Mouth Ulcers Covering the Inside of My Cheeks – BLOWS in the most f-ed up, merciless way … Continue reading

Fevered Trifecta

After a relaxo Sunday, I woke up on Labor Day Monday with the chills – exactly what my new doc, Dr. P, of City of Hope told us was the worst possible thing for me at this time.  We headed to the Hoag Cancer Center for AFBT (Another F-ing Blood Test) and possible transfusions early … Continue reading

Prednisone, Swearing, and the Olympics

Shulman’s Accessories are all the rage! Immediately following surgery, I started my Prednisone (steroid)  treatment in an attempt to get my muscles and blood counts to return to their former glory.  I continued seeing the docs on my team, averaging 2 appointments per day.  My platelets were still on a free fall, so I had … Continue reading