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Miss MedAmerica Pageant

In my spare time I decided to play around a little with all my pill bottles… You probably already think I’m somewhat of a freak, but after watching this production, I’m certain you’ll think I’m a Super Freak 🙂  Grab some popcorn, Milk Duds, Jujubes, Raisinets, Junior Mints, Skittles, Dots, and/or M & M’s, sit … Continue reading

It Was the Best of Days, It Was the Worst of Days

Increasingly nauseas, developing big white sores on my gums, itching all over my entire bod, numb and painful feet, blistered lower lip, sore (streppy) throat. Todd emailed Dr. Fantastic on Sunday evening with these charming newest symptoms, and he immediately replied with, “Come in to see me tomorrow, I’ll squeeze you in.”  So yesterday I … Continue reading

Footballs, Feasts and the Big Five-Oh

Dear Readers, I am writing to you today from a somewhat inverted position.  I am lying on the floor with my feet above my heart.  Due to several of my meds’ side effects, my feet have been blowing up beyond recognition and have become very painful to walk on, let alone fit into any shoes … Continue reading

What Cide Effectz?

So, I’m staring at this ever-growing mass of pill bottles and ever-expanding list of procedures, and I’m starting to wonder about all of the combined potential side effects I may have the pleasure of experiencing due to all this sh*t I’m exposing my body to.  Don’t be alarmed, I won’t list all 2,361 here, just … Continue reading

Punching the Frequent Transfusee Card

At this point , my platelets were hell bent on cliff diving, so I was being tested at least every other day.  What’s OMP (One More Poke) when your arms are already one massive bruised war zone?  There had been little effect, if any, from the Solumedrol infusions, so my team decided to put me … Continue reading