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On Second Thought

SECOND CHANCE I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky and blessed I am to have a second chance at life.  A do-over.  If I had been born a few decades earlier (before bone marrow transplants), I wouldn’t have seen my 50th birthday.  If my brother, Leason, had not been a match, I may … Continue reading

Shoulda Seen the Other Chick

The St. Paddy’s Rumble (Version 1) And she’s like, “Yo, bitch…”  And I’m like, “I beg your pardon, but I don’t appreciate language like that.”  (I know, you’re calling bs)  And she’s like, “You have 16 items in your cart and this is an express check out.  15 items or less.”  And I’m like, “And … Continue reading

Bob Costas, Meye Сomяade

That’s яight, Bob’s eyes aяe f-ed up, just like mine, the infection is tяending on Twitteя and Vine. The Olympic anchoя desk went up in flames, when Bob could no longeя host the Sochi Games. What was the cause?  Foul TV make-up oя яouge? Or peяhaps he ate sh*t while attempting the luge? Maybe the … Continue reading

The Eyes Have It

 Have you ever tried to see through Vaseline?  I have 🙂  My eyes have been taken hostage by Graft vs. Host Disease and in addition to that, TDVPHCCIBP – The Dreaded ‘Vitamin P’ (Prednisone) Has Caused Cataracts In Both Peepers.  My newest team member, Dr. S3 diagnosed me with multiple cataracts and told me that I … Continue reading