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Come On, Man!

Man Oh Man!  Boy Oh Boy!  I may not have the balls to post this.  Well, actually… I’ve just got to man up.  It’s mandatory I let the tomcat outta the bag.  No maneuvering around it.  Have you noticed any changes in my mannerisms?  I’ve got to carefully manage this manuscript.  I must not manipulate you any … Continue reading

Guest Blogger – My Lifesaving Donor Son, Rex

You must be sooooo sick of me blah blah blah-ing all the time, so I thought you would greatly appreciate (I know, right?  She never shuts up) hearing from someone else who has had experience with the transplant world.  It’s about time for some new blood! Rex writes from the perspective of a stem cell donor. … Continue reading

Selfdom, Some Spared Gnar and a Shark Week Shoutout

Fairly obvi you come out of a bone marrow transplant a far cry from what you went in as, right?  I mean, duh, you have a whole new blood type and an additional DNA, which is your very own unique definition as a living being.  Add to that chemotherapy-induced menopause, and you’ve got the recipe for an unrecognizable selfdom.   … Continue reading


Wow!  I feel like a big loser poopy head for not writing my 60th post sooner.   I strongly dislike excuses, so I won’t give you one.  I’ll give you 3.  It’s exceedingly difficult to write when you’re:  1.  90 feet underwater 2:   flying towards earth at 120 mph and 3:  clinging to an ice wall … Continue reading

Transitioning Back to “Normal”

I’m feeling more and more like my prick (pre + sick) self lately, and my last visit to City of Hope’s Main Lab waiting room confirmed it.  Putting my new vision to use, I surveyed my fellow patients, all there for AFBT – Another F-ing Blood Test, and I realized I was the ONLY one without … Continue reading

The Eyes Have It

 Have you ever tried to see through Vaseline?  I have 🙂  My eyes have been taken hostage by Graft vs. Host Disease and in addition to that, TDVPHCCIBP – The Dreaded ‘Vitamin P’ (Prednisone) Has Caused Cataracts In Both Peepers.  My newest team member, Dr. S3 diagnosed me with multiple cataracts and told me that I … Continue reading

‘Twas a Year Since

‘Twas a year since my transplant, when all through the home, Not a thing was un “done”, not even the throne. The tree was covered with meds, masks and gloves As a gesture of thanks for the care from above. ——————————————————————————————————————— To further celebrate hitting the one year mark, 10 members of my family decided … Continue reading


My name is Joselyn and I’m addicted to reality tv. Here are some of my faves: THE REAL PATIENTS OF CITY OF HOPE: Starring the most outrageous patients who frequent City of Hope.  Watch as they get into some major cat fights over appointment times, designer masks, and who’s most popular with the doctors and … Continue reading