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What an Honor!

I was so honored to have Coach Lance Stewart and the Laguna Beach Varsity Girls Volleyball Team dedicate their post season to me!  I couldn’t believe it!  They added ‘JM’ to their jerseys and signs were distributed to the crowd.  I was so disappointed that I couldn’t attend and watch the matches, but Todd and … Continue reading

Home At Last!

After 43 hellish days and nights, I was released from the City of Hope’s Helford Hospital last week.  I left my “bubble” twice during that time, once for a CT scan and once for a bronchoscopy (I started my stay with a lung infection/pneumonia, so they ran a tube down into my lung to check … Continue reading

Big Thanks from the Bubble

There is no way to properly thank everyone who has reached out to me with encouragement.   First, I want to thank Todd and my parents for being here every single day, and Leason, Mychaela and Rex when they are able. So many of you have volunteered to drive up and visit, although my docs … Continue reading

My Hero

My Thundering Herd that keeps the HOPE alive for an ATG cure So, I’ve been chillin’ in my germ-free bubble for over 3 weeks now, trying to dodge any and all possible body invaders such as lung pneumonia infections, liver infections, kidney infections, low pulse rate, eye irritations, high glycemia, high blood pressure, nausea, low … Continue reading

Pop Quiz

We’ve received some good news 🙂  The pneumonia infection in my lung has gotten smaller, according to a follow-up X-ray.  It appears to be fungal, not bacterial, which makes it more difficult to off, but I’m being pumped with endless IV antibiotics and anti-fungals round the clock.  I will have a follow up CT scan … Continue reading

Game On – Equine Style

We finally heard from Dr. P with my latest bone marrow biopsy results.  It was not good news.  I have severe Aplastic Anemia, which means my bone marrow has failed.  Once again, I’ve been given a rare diagnosis, with approximately 2 to 3 Americans in every 1,000,000 having received it.  WHAT??? I was always told … Continue reading


HOPE – (Have Only Positive Expectations) Friday was the best day in a long time.  We drove up to City of Hope in Duarte, where my Newport team of docs decided I need to be at this point.  Didn’t really know where the hell Duarte was previously, but we now have the route memorized and … Continue reading