Hey Kids!  Does anyone know what time it is???  If the words ‘Howdy Doody’ are coming to mind, you are WRONG! (and kinda old)  The correct answer is: I’m excited to NOW have a constant reminder that NOW is the time to do all those things you plan to do ‘someday’!  None of us kNOW when … Continue reading

Come On, Man!

Man Oh Man!  Boy Oh Boy!  I may not have the balls to post this.  Well, actually… I’ve just got to man up.  It’s mandatory I let the tomcat outta the bag.  No maneuvering around it.  Have you noticed any changes in my mannerisms?  I’ve got to carefully manage this manuscript.  I must not manipulate you any … Continue reading


I’ve always tried to enjoy every phase of my brawl as best I can.  I had 2 great days with a very special nurse, Lisa, during this latest stay, and she made my days with her as enjoyable as hospital days can possibly be.  She went out and bought me a decaf 2% latte at … Continue reading

Tummy Sticks

I’ve been going along, living each day, thanks to my amazing brother, family and friends.  Back in the saddle of life kinda thing.  I was literally just thinking that I was getting into a rut, even taking my miracle life for granted. – Enter Saturday morning – My face was puffier, more inflamed and fuglier … Continue reading

Guest Blogger – My Lifesaving Donor Son, Rex

You must be sooooo sick of me blah blah blah-ing all the time, so I thought you would greatly appreciate (I know, right?  She never shuts up) hearing from someone else who has had experience with the transplant world.  It’s about time for some new blood! Rex writes from the perspective of a stem cell donor. … Continue reading


My amazing friend and super supporter, Jared Reichbaum of Walking Across Amarrowca and epic beard-growing fame, is already in Colorado, quickly making his way to California!  Simply stupendous in every way!  His goal is to arrive in time to complete the last official leg of his incredible 7-month journey at the Be The Match Walk+Run in … Continue reading

Selfdom, Some Spared Gnar and a Shark Week Shoutout

Fairly obvi you come out of a bone marrow transplant a far cry from what you went in as, right?  I mean, duh, you have a whole new blood type and an additional DNA, which is your very own unique definition as a living being.  Add to that chemotherapy-induced menopause, and you’ve got the recipe for an unrecognizable selfdom.   … Continue reading

Walking Across Amarrowca

You may remember from a previous post that my good friend, Jared Reichbaum, is making a documentary film inspired by my story and based on his amazing adventures. Well, he has just embarked on a truly remarkable adventure. Truly. Remarkable. So I’ll remark about it. Jared is walking across the United States of America. That’s … Continue reading

50 Shades

Two years after my transplant and I was still dealing with some crap symptoms like bright red patches on my face and legs, the never-ending eye inflammation, wilted brain function and a nagging tummy shituation (if you know what I’m sayin’) that I’ve dealt with since the beginning.  I figured it was all due to the … Continue reading