Posted in August 2012

Transfusion Fun 101

Before I ever had a transfusion, I thought of them as scary, critical and dangerous.  I never EVER thought I would need one.  At this point, I’ve had 14 of them, and I now equate a transfusion to a chill sesh – relaxing in a lounge chair, reading, watching TV or a movie, and visiting … Continue reading

What Cide Effectz?

So, I’m staring at this ever-growing mass of pill bottles and ever-expanding list of procedures, and I’m starting to wonder about all of the combined potential side effects I may have the pleasure of experiencing due to all this sh*t I’m exposing my body to.  Don’t be alarmed, I won’t list all 2,361 here, just … Continue reading

We’ve Got a Bleeder!

The adventure continues!  Just found out I’ve got internal bleeding 🙂  My team and I are hoping we can BIOTP, (Blame It On The Prednisone) and not something more serious.  To rule out the more serious, I had CT scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis.  The procedure was not a big deal.  I just … Continue reading

Punching the Frequent Transfusee Card

At this point , my platelets were hell bent on cliff diving, so I was being tested at least every other day.  What’s OMP (One More Poke) when your arms are already one massive bruised war zone?  There had been little effect, if any, from the Solumedrol infusions, so my team decided to put me … Continue reading

Prednisone, Swearing, and the Olympics

Shulman’s Accessories are all the rage! Immediately following surgery, I started my Prednisone (steroid)  treatment in an attempt to get my muscles and blood counts to return to their former glory.  I continued seeing the docs on my team, averaging 2 appointments per day.  My platelets were still on a free fall, so I had … Continue reading