What IS this Exotic Disease?

Dr. C thought she heard a heart murmur, so she sent me to see Dr. B (cardiologist) and get an electrocardiogram.  Thankfully, that turned out to be a false alarm.  I saw Dr. H (rheumatologist), who checked me out and was not sure what to make of my symptoms.  I also saw Dr. M1 (infectious disease specialist).  Upon hearing that I have visited over 80 countries, Dr. M1 ordered every test possible for every disease I could have possibly contracted in every country I had stepped foot.  In each of my 3 blood collections for Dr. M1, they took enough vials of blood to place me near the record number taken by each phlebotomist.  I’m super competitive, so I was kinda bummed I didn’t set the record, to be honest.

Maybe I picked up a bug from this great white shark in South Africa?

There must be a blood test for that, and I really want AFBT (Another F-ing Blood Test).

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