Blood, Sweat and Tears for Nothing

After surviving my inner lids being stabbed by 150 needles, I was beyond stoked to be rewarded with “normal” eyes, something that’s eluded me for years.   Finally!  I can apply a little Mac, Laura Mercier and Lancôme.  Ya, that didn’t last.  Intraductal meibomian gland probing was an utter quagmeyere.  A big fat f-ing fail. … Continue reading

Blood, Sweat and Tears for the Win

After about a million reschedulings, it finally arrived.  My intraductal meibomian gland probing appointment.  So exciting!!! Todd drove me to see Dr. R for the procedure that I knew was going to be rather barbarous, due to all the investigative groundwork I did beforehand.  You know that about me by now.  I always read up on … Continue reading

R.I.P. Gertrude

It is with much sorrow that I share the news of the loss of a dear friend.  Gertrude, my beloved yellow toe nail finally detached 12 weeks post crush fracture of my big toe. Sadly, she was the victim of a tragic accident when a heavy umbrella base fell on her at the end of July. … Continue reading

…and now I’m a Cocksacker

Thankfully for many most readers, my posts are becoming more and more spaced out.  Not spaced out as in weird (no one would consider my posts weird), but spaced out as in more time between posts.  I don’t have much to report these days regarding my brawl with health issues.  This is a good thing, don’t get … Continue reading


Zeus and his fellow gods and goddesses on Mt. Olympus must really be Greecing the skids for me.  It seems every time I’m ordered to spend weeks off my feet, Zeus sends his special spectacle to the rescue!  Back in 1988, I went into preterm labor with Mychaela and was put on bed rest for eight weeks, … Continue reading

What a Bunch of Bull!

  My son, Rex and I reported to Pamplona’s Plaza Consistorial, joining the other couple thousand runners (encierros) before 7am.  Some were praying.  Some were rereretying Nike laces.  Some were doing nifty 1960’s-style warm up moves/stretches.  They were male.  They were young.  They were eyeing me with a “What the f are you doing here?” look.  One came … Continue reading

Roof Rappellin’ / Reptile Rasslin’

Another Bucket List day was provided by our friends, the Friedmanns, who formed a team to benefit the wonderful organization, Shatterproof, by rappelling down a 16-story Newport Center office building in Newport Beach, CA. Hell yes! Where do I sign?  My long-time friends, Kathie and Kathleen were assigned as my co-rappellettes, and I was stoked! We … Continue reading


Hey Kids!  Does anyone know what time it is???  If the words ‘Howdy Doody’ are coming to mind, you are WRONG! (and kinda old)  The correct answer is: I’m excited to NOW have a constant reminder that NOW is the time to do all those things you plan to do ‘someday’!  None of us kNOW when … Continue reading

Come On, Man!

Man Oh Man!  Boy Oh Boy!  I may not have the balls to post this.  Well, actually… I’ve just got to man up.  It’s mandatory I let the tomcat outta the bag.  No maneuvering around it.  Have you noticed any changes in my mannerisms?  I’ve got to carefully manage this manuscript.  I must not manipulate you any … Continue reading