Buttkick List Update – Zorbing

Being that my health is fairly stellar these days (apart from a few little side trips to fungal ball, sinus, cyst, and dental root specialists), I have been kicking ass on The List ūüôā ¬†A recent checkmark I want to share with you is zorbing. ¬†I know. ¬†WTF is zorbing? ¬†Read and learn. One of … Continue reading


Calling all mystery solvers, P.I. wanna bes, puzzlers, riddlers, crypto chasers, scavenger hunters, and safe crackers! We are trying to locate the recipient of¬†my son’s stem cells in order to find out if he would like to meet Rex, the donor who saved his life. ¬†This is what we know about the mystery patient: Male … Continue reading

Blood, Sweat and Tears for Nothing

After surviving my inner lids being stabbed by 150 needles, I was beyond stoked to be rewarded with “normal” eyes, something that’s eluded me for years. ¬† Finally! ¬†I can apply a little Mac, Laura Mercier and Lanc√īme. ¬†Ya, that didn’t last. ¬†Intraductal meibomian gland probing was an utter quagmeyere. ¬†A big fat f-ing fail. … Continue reading

Blood, Sweat and Tears for the Win

After about a million reschedulings, it finally arrived. ¬†My intraductal meibomian gland probing appointment. ¬†So exciting!!! Todd drove me to see Dr. R for the procedure that I knew was going to be rather barbarous, due to all the investigative groundwork¬†I did beforehand. ¬†You know that about me by now. ¬†I always read up on … Continue reading

R.I.P. Gertrude

It is with much sorrow that I share the news of the loss of a dear friend. ¬†Gertrude, my beloved yellow toe nail finally detached 12 weeks post crush fracture of my big toe. Sadly, she was the victim of a tragic accident¬†when a heavy umbrella base fell on her at the end of July. … Continue reading

‚Ķand now I’m a Cocksacker

Thankfully for many most readers,¬†my posts are becoming¬†more and more spaced out. ¬†Not spaced out as in weird (no one would consider my posts weird), but spaced out as in more time between posts. ¬†I don’t have much to report these days regarding my brawl with health issues. ¬†This is a good thing, don’t get … Continue reading


Zeus and his fellow gods and goddesses on Mt. Olympus must really be Greecing the skids¬†for me.¬† It seems every time I’m ordered to spend weeks off my feet, Zeus sends his special spectacle¬†to the rescue! ¬†Back in 1988, I went into preterm labor with Mychaela and was put on bed rest for eight weeks, … Continue reading

What a Bunch of Bull!

  My son, Rex and I reported to Pamplona’s Plaza Consistorial, joining the other couple thousand¬†runners (encierros) before 7am. ¬†Some were praying. ¬†Some were rereretying Nike¬†laces. ¬†Some were doing nifty 1960’s-style¬†warm up moves/stretches. ¬†They were male. ¬†They were young. ¬†They were eyeing me with a “What the f are you doing here?” look. ¬†One came … Continue reading

Roof Rappellin’ / Reptile Rasslin’

Another Bucket List day was provided by our friends, the Friedmanns, who formed¬†a team to benefit the wonderful organization, Shatterproof, by rappelling down a 16-story Newport Center office building in Newport Beach, CA. Hell yes! Where do I sign? ¬†My long-time friends, Kathie and Kathleen were assigned as my co-rappellettes, and I was stoked! We … Continue reading